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The VLT6000 was Danfoss’s leading HVAC Drive from 1996 -2008. This range has now been replaced by the FC102 HVAC drive.

The Danfoss VLT 6000 HVAC provides unsurpassed performance, energy savings and improved control of HVAC systems.

The Danfoss VLT 6000 HVAC, dedicated to HVAC applications, provides unsurpassed performance, energy savings and improved control of HVAC systems – including interfacing with building management systems.

Precise control of temperature, pressure, and flow in HVAC applications result in the best environmental performance for building owners and operators.

  • Technical Features
  • Integrated RFI filters and DC link chokes.
  • RFI filter meets domestic level standard
  • Optional cards include fieldbus, Cascade pump control, additional relays etc.

Basic VLT6000 Drives conversion chart  – 380 / 460V – 3 Phase 50/60Hz

VLT Type KW Amps Obsolete VLT6000 Bookstyle IP20 Obsolete VLT6000 Compact IP20 New FC102 Equivalent IP20 Obsolete VLT600 Compact IP54 New FC102 Equivalent IP55
VLT6002 1.1 3 175Z7004 175Z7022 131B4207 175Z7047 131B4221
VLT6003 1.5 4.1 175Z7005 175Z7023 131B4217 175Z7048 131B3343
VLT6004 2.2 5.6 175Z7006 175Z7024 131B4218 175Z7049 131B4222
VLT6005 3 7.2 175Z7007 175Z7025 131B4219 175Z7050 131B4223
VLT6006 4 10 175Z7008 175Z7026 131B3489 175Z7051 131B3318
VLT6008 5.5 13 175Z7009 175Z7027 131B4220 175Z7052 131B4224
VLT6011 7.5 16 175Z7010 175Z7028 131B3603 175Z7053 131B4225
VLT6016 11 24 175Z7029 131F0427 175Z7054 131B1277
VLT6022 15 32 175Z7030 131F6631 175Z7055 131B6126
VLT6027 18.5 37.5 175Z7031 131F6632 175Z7056 131B3449
VLT6032 22 44 175Z7032 131F6629 175Z7057 131B4267
VLT6042 30 61 175Z7033 131F5945 175Z7058 131B4268
VLT6052 37 73 175Z7034 131F6630 175Z7059 131B7008
VLT6062 45 90 175Z7035 131F0340 175Z7060 131B7015
VLT6072 55 106 175Z4881 131F0341 175Z4883 131B7025
VLT6102 75 147 Compact IP.00 178B4808 131F0342 178B5162 131B8595
VLT6122 90 177 178B4810 131F0343 178B5163 131B6204
VLT6152 110 212 178B7522 178B7524 178B7523
VLT6172 132 260 178B7525 178B7527 178B7526
VLT6222 160 315 178B7528 178B7530 178B7529
VLT6272 200 368 178B7531 178B7533 178B7532
VLT6352 250 480 178B7538 178B7542 178B7540
VLT6400 315 600 176F0918 176F0920 176F0922
VLT6500 355 658 176F0924 176F0926 176F0928
VLT6550 400 745 176F0930 176F0932 176F0934


VLT6000 Descriptive codes – (working out equivalents for non standard drives)

All Danfoss VLT Drives contain a descriptive code, if your drive is a non standard drive the best we for us to work out a new equivalent is to provide the descriptive code, from this information we can work out what this drive contains. See below data sheet for a breakdown of the descriptive code.