VACON NXP Liquid Cooled

VACON® NXP – ideal for demanding applications



Vacon NXP liquid cooled drives are the ultimate in space-saving, high power density AC drives, well suited for locations where air-cooling is difficult, expensive or impractical or where installation space is at a premium.



Vacon NXP Liquid Cooled AC drives – Powerful performance in extreme conditions

Vacon NXP liquid cooled drives are the ultimate in space-saving, high power density AC drives, well suited for locations where air-cooling is difficult, expensive or impractical or where installation space is at a premium. Their robust, modular design makes the VACON NXP a suitable platform for all drive needs in demanding applications and are available in the power range from 7.5 to 5300 kW at 380-690 VAC supply voltages.


Power packed

As no air ducts are required, liquid cooled drives are extremely compact and suitable for a wide variety of heavy industries with harsh operating conditions such as marine & offshore, pulp & paper, renewable energy and mining & metal. The VACON NXP liquid cooled drive is an advanced AC drive for induction and permanent magnet motors.

As a high degree of protection (IP54 or higher) can easily be achieved with these drives, they can be installed almost anywhere in the plant/vessel. This significantly reduces the load on the air-conditioning system in the electrical rooms – an important cost and space consideration in many retrofit applications. And since liquid cooled drives do not require large cooling fans, they are also among the most silent AC drive on the market.

We are committed to providing you with the ultimate in high power density. VACON NXP liquid cooled products have one of the best power/size ratios on the market. For example, our compact 12 pulse, 1.5MW drive includes a built-in rectifier, inverter and optional brake all in same package and can be mounted in an 800mm wide enclosure. Once you’ve tried liquid cooled, you’ll never look back.


Extensive product portfolio

Liquid cooled AC drives can be used in a multitude of combinations – from a single dedicated frequency converter to large-scale Common DC bus systems. With the right configuration, optimal performance and significant energy savings can be achieved.


Key features

  • Full power range from 7.5 to 5.3 MW for both induction motors and permanent magnet motors.
  • Five built-in expansion slots for additional I/O, fieldbus and functional safety boards
  • Extensive range of ready-to-use applications for basic to demanding needs.
  • High-tech liquid cooled AC drive design, heat loss can be transferred to most convenient place with no need for vast amount of filtered air.
  • Compact size and high power density



  • Same software tool, same control option boards allowing for maximum utilization of NXP features over a wide power range.
  • No additional modules required. Option boards are compact and easy to install at any time
  • No additional software engineering required, saving time and money.
  • Minimizes investment and operation costs as there is no need for large air conditioning systems. Liquid cooled AC drives installed in high IP class enclosures can be used in demanding environments.
  • Possibility to engineer compact solutions that save on floor space and infrastructure needs.


Dedicated frequency converter

The Vacon liquid cooled single drives are available as 6- or 12-pulse frequency converters. Our largest unit, the Ch74, can also be used as an 18-pulse converter. A frequency converter consists of a IP00 power unit, control unit and possibly one or more input chokes.

An internal brake chopper is available as standard for our smallest unit Ch3. For Ch72 (only 6-pulse) and Ch74, it is available as internal option while in all other sizes the brake chopper is available as option and installed externally.


Active front-end (AFE)

The AFE unit is a bi-directional (regenerative) power converter (supply unit) for the front-end of a common liquid cooled DC bus drive line-up. An external LCL filter is used at the input. This unit is suitable in applications where a low level of mains harmonics and high power factor are required. AFE units can operate in parallel to provide increased power and/or redundancy without any drive to drive communication between the units. AFE units can also be connected to the same fieldbus with inverters, and controlled and monitored via fieldbus.Fuses, LCL filters, pre-charging rectifiers and resistors must be ordered and specified separately.

The LCL filter guarantees that harmonics are not an issue in any network. With a power factor > 0.99 and low harmonics, the supply chain transformers, generators, etc. can be sized very accurately without reserving margins for the reactive power. This can mean a saving of 10 % in supply chain investments. Likewise the payback time is faster as regenerative energy is fed back to the grid.


Inverter unit (INU)

The INU is a bidirectional DC-fed power inverter for the supply and control of AC motors. The INU is supplied from a common DC bus drive line-up. A charging circuit is needed in case a connection to a live DC bus is required. The DC-side charging circuit is external for inverter types.

Pre-charging resistors and switches or fuses are not included in an INU delivery and must be specified and ordered separately.


Brake chopper unit (BCU)

The BCU is unidirectional power converter for the supply of excessive energy from a common DC bus drive line- up or big single drive to resistors where the energy is dissipated as heat. External resistors are required. However, resistors or fuses are not included in a BCU delivery and must be specified and ordered separately.

BCU’s improve drive dynamic performance in a load regenerative operating point and protect common DC bus voltage level from overvoltage. In some cases they also reduce the need for AFE investments.