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The growing world population and ever-increasing volume of people moving to and living in cities in many countries creates an ongoing need for new infrastructure. This, in turn, generates a continuous demand for mined resources. Mining companies who can build and efficiently and reliably operate their mine sites, processing facilities and supply chains with the lowest capital expenditure and operating costs are able to profitably fulfill demand for their mined resources even through volatile demand cycles. Danfoss VLT® and VACON® AC drives have been reliably operating for years on many mine sites and processing facilities throughout the world, significantly contributing to these cost savings. 

The mining and minerals industry presents some of the most challenging environments for production. Mine sites, mineral processing facilities and associated stockyards and port facilities are large scale and often in remote locations. Having the right equipment installed, backed up by available and competent support, is key.

Application engineering support throughout your project lifecycle
Danfoss Drives is a world-leading, dedicated and passionate AC-drives specialist with extensive mining and mineral processing references around the world.

We have the broadest range of robust variable speed drives, including both VLT and VACON brands, that offer both energy-efficient design and low power losses. They operate reliably over decades of use in harsh environments saving maintenance costs, ensuring better asset availability and providing you with the lowest cost of ownership. All our drives integrate seamlessly into all common PLC fieldbus networks; our support engineers can easily demonstrate this so you are assured of ease of integration for trouble-free installation and commissioning. We ensure the optimum selection of products to fulfill all your mining- and processing-equipment application requirements. By optimizing AC drive applications, we can provide solutions that significantly reduce initial project and ongoing operating costs.

Our 100% dedication to drives, extensive experience in all mine-processing and bulk-material-handling facilities and widespread mining- and minerals-processing application and installation knowledge has enabled us to develop project support tools and the highest level of service competence in our local project support teams. We offer specialized support services to mining companies, consultants, engineering service providers and contractors alike right from the initial feasibility study phase through the detailed design, execution and operation stages.

We ensure drive and motor compatibility on long cable installations, regardless of which motor supplier has been chosen, and mains supply compatibility through harmonics calculations, reports and mitigation solutions.

Added value comes from our world-leading after-sales service and support that is available 24/7. No matter how remote your mine site is, help from our team of experts is always available.

From underground and open-cut mines, processing plants and stockyards and onto port facilities, our broad range of VLT and VACON drives reliably control all mining- and mineral-processing equipment such as conveyors, feeders, slurry pumps, cyclone-feed pumps, tailings pumps, floatation cells, mine-dewatering pumps, mine-ventilation fans, crushers, vibrating screens, excavators, stackers, reclaimers and ship loaders.