OPT-A1 6DI, 1DO, 2AI(mA/V), 1AO(mA/V), +10 Vref, +24 V/EXT+24 V
OPT-A3 1RO(NO/NC), 1RO(NO), 1T1
OPT-A4 3DI(Encoder RS422), Out +5 V/+15 V
OPT-A5 3DI(Encoder 10...24V), Out +15 V/+24 V
OPT-A7 Double encoder (Wide Range), 6D1, 2xDO  
OPT-A8 As NXOPTA1, but analog I/O and +10Vref galv. de-coupled as a group
OPT-A9 As NXOPTA1, but 2,5 mm² terminals, not with AF board
OPT-AE Encoder board (Wide Range), 3DI(Encoder 10...24 V), Out +15 V/+24 V, 2DO (encoder divider and direction) 
OPT-AF-V STO SIL2/PL"d" + ATEX appr. Thermistor, all boards need to be varnished
OPT-AI I/O expander board for NXL, 3DI, 1RO (NO), Thermistor
OPT-AK-V SIN/COS encoder interface
OPT-AL-V 6DI (42…240VAC), 2AI, 2AO, 1DO, Out 15 V / 24 V
OPT-AN-V 6DI galv. de-coupled as a group, 2AI and 2AO (Programmable 0…20mA, 4…20mA, 0…10V, 2…10V, -10…+10V)
OPT-B1 6DI/DO (programmable, DI or DO)
OPT-B2-V 1RO(NO/NC), 1RO(NO), Thermistor
OPT-B4-V 1AI(mA, isolated), 2AO(mA, isolated), +24 V/EXT+24 V
OPT-B8-V 3Pt100, +24 V/EXT+24 V
OPT-B9 1RO(NO), 5 pcs of 41...240 VAC input
OPT-BB ENDAT encoder card, 2xDO (RS422)
OPT-BC RESOLVER, 3x DO (Wide Range) 
OPT-BE-V SSI and Endat Encoders
OPT-BH-V 3 x Temp sensor inputs (PT100, PT1000, KTY84-130, KTY84-150, KTY84-131, NI1000)
OPT-BL-V Advanced safety option, requires AF board
OPT-BM-V Advanced safety option - pulse encoder interface, requires AF board
OPT-BN-V Advanced safety option - SIN/COS encoder interface, requires AF board
OPT-C2 Modbus RTU / N2
OPT-C3-V Profibus DP
OPT-C4-V LonWorks
OPT-C5-V Profibus DP (D9 type connector)
OPT-C6 CANopen
OPT-C7-V DeviceNet
OPT-C8 Modbus RTU / N2 (D9 type connector)
OPT-CG-V S2 Protocol
OPT-CP-V ProfiNet I/O
OPT-CQ-V Ethernet/IP
OPT-D1 System Bus adapter (2x fiber optic cable, please find prices from previous page)
OPT-D2-V System Bus (1x fiber optic cable, please find prices from previous page) & CAN-bus (galv. decoupled)
OPT-D3 RS232 adapter card (not galvanically decoupled)
OPT-D6-V CAN-Bus (galv. decoupled)
OPT-D7 Line voltage measurement board
OPT-E9-V 2-Port Ethernet option (Modbus TCP/UDP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, RSTP, MRP)
OPT-EC-V EtherCAT field bus


VACON PC00787 D PC00787D Power Board
VACON PC00210 G PC00210G Power Board
VACON PC00208 H PC00208H Power Board
VACON PC00310 R PC00310R Power Board
VACON PC00761 B PC00761B control board

VACON PC00225 H PC00225H control board
VACON 60VB00299 drive board
VACON PC00836 B PC00836B Communication board
VACON PC00728 A PC00728A Fiber optic communication board
VACON PC00411 F PC00411F Fan control board
VACON PC00299 G PC00299G Fan control board
VACON PC00487 F PC00487F power board
VACON D2E133-AM35-B4(220V) 48V-220V
VACON NXS00095A2H1SSSA1A3B40000 PA000952H1SSS Frequency converter
VACON CN0.75CXS4G2I1 Frequency converter
VACON CN2.2CXS4G2I1 Frequency converter
VACON PC00299 H PC00299H control board
VACON PC00236 I PC00236I drive board
VACON PC00242 F PC00242F Thyristor current board
VACON PC00242 D PC00242D Thyristor current board
VACON PC00219 J PC00219J drive board
VACON PC00236 D PC00236D drive board
VACON PC00459 G PC00459G Thyristor current board
VACON PC00252 H PC00252H control board
VACON PC00761 D PC00761D power board
VACON PC00416 C PC00416C drive board
VACON PC00227 I PC00227I drive board
VACON PC00227 E PC00227E Thyristor current board
VACON PC00227 J PC00227J Thyristor current board
VACON PC00242 E PC00242E 
VACON PC00861 C PC00861C
VACON PC00234 I PC00234I drive board
VACON PC00419 G PC00419G drive board
VACON PC00419 T PC00419T drive board 
VACON PC00273F PC00273 F PC00273G PC00273 G I/O card
VACON PC00787 D PC00787D drive board 
VACON PC00761D control board
VACON PC00416 C PC00416C PC00416 E PC00416E PC00416F PC00416 F
VACON PC00225 A PC00225A drive board 
VACON 20C-D01 20C-DPI1 I/O card
VACON PC00299 H PC00299H control board 
VACON PC00411 D PC00411D Fan control board
VACON PC00233 J PC00233J ASIC Board
VACON PC00525 H PC00526 H PC00525H PC00526H drive board
VACON PC00228 F PC00228F Fiber board
VACON PC00825 A PC00826 A drive board 
VACON PC00525 A PC00826 A drive board 
VACON PC00751 C PC00751C drive board 
VACON PC00461E PC00461D
VACON PC00384 E PC00384E Detection board  
VACON PC00661 B PC00661B Main board
VACON 60VB00451 60VB00751 ASIC board
VACON PC00416 C PC00416C 
VACON PC00830 A PC00830A Trigger board
VACON PC00861 C PC00861C Trigger board
VACON PC00793 C PC00793C Power board
VACON PC00836 B PC00836B Optical fiber communication card
VACON 0010-1L-0004-2 
VACON 0010-3L-004-4
VACON PC00365 J PC00365J I/O card
VACON PC00525 A PC00525 H PC00525 P PC00526 H PC00526 G PC00526 P Detection board
VACON PC00530 I PC00530I drive board 
VACON NXS00385G2H1SSSA1A2000000 18.5KW PA003852H1SSS
VACON PC00267 J PC00267J I/O card
VACON PC00253 G PC00253G I/O card
VACON PC01498 C PC01498C drive board 
VACON PC01490 B 70VCB0149B drive board 
VACON PC01005 D PC01005D Power board
VACON PC01001 E PC01001E 70CVB01027D
VACON PC00358 F PC00358F drive board 
VACON PC01472 C PC01472C 70CVB01472B drive board 
VACON PC01218G 70CVB01045B drive board 
VACON PC01004 D PC01004D 70CVB01045B drive board 
VACON PC01C01 D PC01C01D 70CPE00151A drive board 
VACON PC00410 A PC00410A drive board 
VACON PC00208 H PC00208H drive board 
VACON PC00357 G PC00357G drive board 
VACON PC00213 J PC00213J drive board 
VACON PC00350 D PC00350D drive board 
VACON PC01630 A PC01630A 70CVB01630C drive board 
VACON PC00422 H PC00422H PC00422 Q drive board 
VACON PC00558 F PC00558F Control Board
VACON PC00351 H PC00351H Control Board
VACON PC00613 A PC00613 C PC00613 D Control Board
VACON PC00459 G PC00459 J Control Board
VACON PC00414 E PC00414E Control Board
VACON PC00404 C PC00404C Control Board