132N6510 OF7P2-S-AF-46-160A-060-05-T1-E20
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132N6510 OF7P2-S-AF-46-160A-060-05-T1-E20


Advanced Harmonic Filter for Frequency Converters
Air-cooled, forced, 460 V AC
160 A, 60 Hz, THDi ≤ 5 %
Thermal switch 145 °C
IP20/Open Type
AHF X6 IP20 w/ External Fan

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Model code :

This advanced passive harmonic filter ensures THDi system performance levels of ≤5% or ≤10% respectively. Compatibl.

Gross weight 137.6 kg
Net weight 126 kg
Volume 292.8 l
EAN 5715253105741

Advanced Harmonic Filter OF7P2
Product View (Switch) GLBL Global (Standard)
Product series OF7P2 Advanced Harmonic Filter
Product target -S Frequency Converters
Cooling method -AF Air-cooled, forced
Voltage class -46 460 V AC
Current rating -160A 160 A
Nominal frequency -060 60 Hz
2nd voltage class -40 400 V AC
2nd current rating -171A 171 A
2nd nominal frequency -060 60 Hz
Current harmonic distortion -05 THDi ≤ 5 %
Thermal protection -T1 Thermal switch 145 °C
Protection rating -E20 IP20/Open Type
Frame designation +P2AX6E AHF X6 IP20 w/ External Fan
Product Catalog NO_VIEW NO VIEW
Salescode part 1 OF7P2-S-AF-46-160A-060-05-T1
Salescode part 2 -E20
Typecode Part 1 OF7P2-S-AF-46-160A-060-05-T1
Typecode Part 2 -E20
Material Gross Weight 137.6
Material Net Weight 126
Modelcode01 OF7P2-S-AF-46-160A-060-05-T1
Modelcode02 -E20
Calculated Gross Weight [kg] 137.6
Calculated Net Weight [kg] 126
Vendor ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor