134H2477 VLT2880PT4B20SBR3DBF30A00C1
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134H2477 VLT2880PT4B20SBR3DBF30A00C1

Product is discontinued.
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VLT® 2800 Serie
11.0kW / 15 HP, 3X380-480V 50/60Hz,
Cable len. dep. (A1 or B), IP20

Model code : VLT2880PT4B20SBR3DBF30A00C1

This product is not RoHS compliant and is no longer available for general sale. Contact your local customer service organiz.

Gross weight 18.35 kg
Net weight 18 kg
Volume 72.54 l
EAN 5710107675715

VLT® 2800 Series
Product View (Switch) GLBL Global (Standard)
Product Group VLT VLT®
VLT Series 28 2800
Power Rating 80 11.0kW / 15 HP
Dedicated Application P Process
Phase T 3 phase
Mains Voltage U(in) 4 380-480V +/- 10% 50/60Hz
Enclosure Type B Bookstyle
Enclosure Class 20 IP20
Hardware Configuration SB Standard with brake
RFI Filter R3 Cable len. dep. (A1 or B)
Display DB Built In Display (SLCP)
Fieldbus Option F30 DeviceNet
Application Option A00 No application option
Coating C1 With coating
Frame Size D D-Frame
Typecode Part 1 VLT2880PT4B20SBR3DBF30A00C1
Product Catalog NO_VIEW NO VIEW
Height [mm] 505
Width w/ no C options [mm] 200
Depth [mm] 244
Weight [kg] 18.5
kVA 16.6
Calculated Gross Weight [kg] 18.8
Calculated Net Weight [kg] 18.5
Material Gross Weight 18.35
Material Net Weight 18
Vendor ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor
Recommended Factory ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor
Modelcode01 VLT2880PT4B20SBR3DBF30A00C1