136U1740 NXN20006-A0T0TWV-A1A2BHB100
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136U1740 NXN20006-A0T0TWV-A1A2BHB100


Vacon Rectifier Unit
525 - 690 Vac (640-1100 Vdc), 2000 Amp,IP00
Alpha-numeric display
IEC61800-3 for IT networks
No Brake
A Slot: A1,6DI,DO,2AI,1AO,+10Vr,+24V
B Slot: A2,2RO(NO/NC)
C Slot: BH,3 temp meas channels
D Slot: B1,6 programmableDI/DO
E Slot: No board
Manual: English
Frame 60 liquid cooled

Other options according to Model code

Model code :

The VACON® NX family of air-cooled and liquid-cooled drives is

Gross weight 269 kg
Net weight 268 kg
Volume 1409.4 l
EAN 5710108997199

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Product Group NXN Rectifier Unit
Customized Drive +BM26 Vacon Dark Grey NXP
Mechanical Modification W Liquid cooling
Mains voltage 6- 525 - 690 Vac (640-1100 Vdc)
Current 2000 2000 Amp
Control Keypad A Alpha-numeric display
Enclosure 0 IP00
EMC emission levels T IEC61800-3 for IT networks
Brake Chopper 0 No Brake
Electrical Modification T 12-pulse with choke
Card Modifications V- DirectConn. w Varnished Boards
Shipping Package +GSCB Cardboard box as Shipping pack
Warranty +WT01 Warranty 12/18 months
Gland Plate Option +QGNO No conduit plate
Option Slot A A1 A1,6DI,DO,2AI,1AO,+10Vr,+24V
Option Slot B A2 A2,2RO(NO/NC)
Option Slot C BH BH,3 temp meas channels
Option Slot D B1 B1,6 programmableDI/DO
Option Slot E 00 No board
Firmware language package +FL22 UK,FR,IT,ES,PT,WestEur
Documentation Level +DPAP Paper manuals
Documentation Lang. Preference +DLUK English
System Firmware +FNP02 System software NXP
Software license NONE no software license
Application +ANCNQ100 Appl sw CNQ100, Liq NXN
Parameter Set NONE none
Motor Parameter Default +LS50 Default Motor frequency 50HZ
Labeling options +LPC1 no additional labels
Special BoM structure +SPC0 Standard BoM Configuration
CE Approval +GACE CE Approval
UL Approval +GAUL UL approval
RCM Approval +GACT RCM Approval N16307
Marine approval NONE no marine approval
KC Approval +GAKC Korean Approval
Ukrainian Approval +GAUA Ukrainian Approval
EAC Approval +GAEA EAC Approval
Region -R00 International (-R00)
Frame Size CH60 Frame 60 liquid cooled
Sub family identification NONE Normal customer ordered
Customer specific power variat NONE Normal power rating
Typecode Part 1 7DN-200060
Typecode Part 2 -000025997
Salestext CH6020006-0T
Modelcode01 NXN20006-A0T0TWV-
Modelcode02 A1A2BHB100
Calculated Net Weight [kg] 268
Calculated Gross Weight [kg] 269
Prefix VXSNXLM 7
Platform VXSNXLM D
Stockcode part 1 7DW-200060-117S12
Stock Code 7DN-200060
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Material Gross Weight 269
Material Net Weight 268
Help Counter 1
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