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Frequency converter,air-cooled
IP20/Open Type, Frame:
3~, 380-500 V AC, 38 A
EMC category: C1 and C2 category
Control Panel 2.8 OPX20
Standard I/O: 4xDI, 2xDI/O, 2xAI, 1xAO, 2xRO
Functional Safety: STO, not upgradable

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Model code :

The iC7-Automation frequency converter is dedicated to a wide range of demanding automation applications. With pr.

Gross weight 0.18 kg
Net weight 0.11 kg
Volume 69.231 l
EAN 5715253382647

General DD VC Class
Help Counter 1
Typecode Part 1 7FC-AUFA3N05-38A0E20F1
Typecode Part 2 -000106742
Calculated Gross Weight [kg] 0.178
Calculated Net Weight [kg] 0.108
Vendor ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor

iC7 Frequency Converters - IC7FC
Product series +DAAU iC7-Automation
Product group IC7-60 iC7-60
Product category FA Frequency converter,air-cooled
Product type 3N 3~
Mains voltage 05 380-500 V AC
Current rating -38A0 38 A
Power rating 18K 18.5 kW/25 hp
Protection rating E20 IP20/Open Type
EMC category F1 C1 and C2 category
Cable entry and EMC plate +AAST Standard plate
Integrated brake chopper +ACBC Yes
Extra environmental protection +AGXX None
Humidity protection device +AHXX None
Mains input device +AJXX None
DC terminals +ALDC Yes
Touch protection +AMXX None
Heat sink access panel +APXX None
Communication interface, X1/X2 +BAPR PROFINET RT OS7PR
Standard I/O +BDBA 4xDI, 2xDI/O, 2xAI, 1xAO, 2xRO
Functional safety +BEF1 STO, not upgradable
Control panel +BF20 Control Panel 2.8 OPX20
Interface board +BISR MicroSD card reader and RTC
Option slot A +CAM0 Encoder/Resolver Option OC7M0
Option slot B +CBC0 General Purpose I/O OC7C0
Option slot C +CCR0 Relay Option OC7R0
Option slot D +CDD1 Digital I/O Extension OC7D1
Option Slot E +CEX0 None
Product software ID +ECXXX Latest released version
Technical documentation +EGIN Installation guide
Integrated common-mode filter +AIXX None
Communication interface, X0 +BBEL Ethernet port, no protocol
Customer specific application +DBXX None
Additional drive features 1 +DD1X None
Additional drive features 2 +DE2X None
Additional drive features 3 +DF3X None
Additional drive features 4 +DG4X None
Additional drive features 5 +DH5X None
Dual use enabled +DI6X No
Customization file package ID +EAXXXXXX No customization
Customer-specific label +EJXX None
Language package +EL01 Global
Product specific marine cert. +VBXX None
Modelcode01 IC7-60FA3N05-38A0E20F1
Modelcode02 +ACBC
Modelcode03 +ALDC+BAPR+BDBA
Modelcode04 +BEF1+BF20+CAM0+CBC0+CCR0
Modelcode05 +CDD1+DAAU
Product Catalog NO_VIEW NO VIEW
CE Company address 2 DK-6430 Nordborg
Company logo image - DrivesSym J
CE Company name Danfoss A/S
CE Company web address www.danfoss.com
Efficiency class-Relative loss IE2 - 1,73%
Enclosure rating IP20 / OPEN TYPE
Input frequency 50/60Hz
Output frequency 0-590Hz
Input current in Normal Overlo 35.9/31.4A
Nominal output current NO 38/34A
Power Normal Overload 18.5kW(400V)/25HP(460V)
Product Series - DrivesSymbol iC7-Automation
Short circuit current rating 100kA
Ambient temp. normal overload 45°C/113°F
Input Voltage 3x380-500V
Output Voltage 3x0-Vin
Typical motor power PL (110%) 18.5KW(400V)/25HP(460V)
Typical motor power PH (150%) 18.5KW(400V)/25HP(460V)
Typical motor power PH (150%) 15KW(400V)/20HP(460V)
Continous current IL (1/10min) 38/34A
Continous current IH (1/10min) 38/34A
Continous current IH (1/5min) 31/27A

iC7-Automation Frequency Converters
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