137H8491 OGDSK205K921302L06RXTB1P2S9010H1B1801XXX
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137H8491 OGDSK205K921302L06RXTB1P2S9010H1B1801XXX


VLT® OneGearDrive
Standard, max 2.3 KW (V210),
5.92, 30 mm, Stainless steel,
With CSA/UL, Horiz., conn. up or down, 180V DC brake (400V AC),
Terminal Box

Model code : OGDSK205K921302L06RXTB1P2S9010H1B1801XXX

The VLT® OneGearDrive is a flexible, energy- efficient drive system

Gross weight 27 kg
Net weight 26 kg
Volume 0.546 hl
EAN 5715253454573

Product View (Switch) GLBL Global (Standard)
Product Group OGD VLT® OneGearDrive®
Product Variant S Standard
Gear Type K Bevel Gear
Size 2 V210
Gear Ratio 05K92 5.92
Output Shaft Design 1 Hollow shaft
Output Shaft Size 30 30 mm
Output Shaft Material 2 Stainless steel
Motor Size L06 max 2.3 KW (V210)
Reserved RX RX Reserved X
Motor Connection TB Terminal Box
Connector Position 1 Top
Installation Position P2 Horiz., conn. up or down
Surface Coating S Standard
RAL Color Code 9010 Standard white
Lubricants H1 Food grade oil
Brake B180 180V DC brake (400V AC)
CSA / UL 1 With CSA/UL
Reserved A X Reserved A
Reserved B X Reserved B
Reserved C X Reserved C
Typecode Part 1 OGDSK205K921302L06RXTB1P2
Typecode Part 2 S9010H1B1801XXX
Product Catalog GLBL Global (Standard)
Modelcode01 OGDSK205K921302L06RXTB1P2
Modelcode02 S9010H1B1801XXX
Calculated Gross Weight [kg] 27
Calculated Net Weight [kg] 26
Plant from Orderline C503
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