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Technical Sales & Support
Variable Frequency Drives & Motors Control Specialists

Åland Drives & Controls team has been driving excellence in VFDs and Control systems for many years. Variable frequency drives and other control equipment with the technical support to keep your system running smoothly

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Installation and Optimization Anytime Anywhere
Our skilled engineers are available to be on-site at your location, prepared to commission new units or revitalize and recommission older units at your convenience.

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After sales & preventive maintenance services for the marine industry

VFDs, softstarters and drive solutions for marine applications of vessels, bulk carriers, icebreakers, tankers and yachts..
Whether you are a shipbuilder or system integrator, we offer you drive solutions to reduce energy and maintenance cost.

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Decades of Expertise with obsolete Products

We possess extensive experience working with obsolete products and can, in the majority of instances, provide repairs and maintenance for outdated drives or propose suitable replacement products.
We are specialists in supplying Vacon and Danfoss VLT discontinued and obsolete parts or offering their modern-day alternative solutions.

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